Jamie Thrasivoulou, Derby poet of We are The Heart of the Midlands


Jamie Thrasivoulou

My Passion for The Heart of the Midlands

Jamie Thrasivoulou is an award-winning writer, poet, lyricist and workshop facilitator from Derby. He’s a passionate East Midlander who likes nothing more than extolling the virtues of his home county of Derbyshire and its near neighbours, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Jamie was commissioned by Love Business and the East Midlands Chamber to write the poem, We are The Heart of the Midlands, which will be used as a call to arms to shout about what makes the three counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire so special.


We are Heart of the Midlands YouTube video



The Best of a Bad Situation

His first collection, The Best of a Bad Situation, was released in May 2017 through Silhouette Press. In 2017 Jamie was commissioned to write the poem ‘A Privatised Map of Deprivation’ for the award-winning photographer Jim Mortram’s Small Town Inertia photography collection. The poem, along with work from Jim’s collection, was displayed in the Small Town Inertia exhibition at Side Gallery in Newcastle. His work has since appeared in The Morning Star, Burning House Press, Hand Job Zine, The Arsonist, Glove, Razur Cuts, Low Light Magazine, Paper and Ink Zine and Bluecoat Press, amongst others.



Jamie won the 2019 Saboteur award for Best Spoken Word Performer,

He also won the project Man Up, which he collaborated on with Restoke, received the award for Best Collaborative Work. In 2018 his musical project Bloque Capitals was joint winner of the Culture Matters: Bread and Roses award for spoken word and musical collaboration. In January 2019 Jamie was part of the UNISLAM 2019 winning team with the University of Birmingham. He’s currently the writer-in-residence at HMP Foston Hall. Jamie is also a visiting lecturer at Derby University.


'Jamie Thrasivoulou is by far one of the most exciting, arresting and socially charged voices to emerge from out the current wave of British poetry. His experiences lend themselves to a grander, wider, narrative often perceived to be demanding answers while never fully wavering from their place of origin. Jamie is a poet of the people and the equality they strive for.'
- Anthony Anaxagorou


Here's some of Jamies other work

I hope you'll agree that his take on life is unique, easy to listen to, in that it captivates your attention but takes your brain on a provoking thought journey. With a little humour and a keen eye, Jamie cleverly captures the essence of whatever he writes about.


My Humble Abode | Jamie Thrasivoulou

Our Man explores aspects of masculinity, mental health, criminality, class, loss and addiction within the climate of neoliberal Britain. Thrasivoulou combines strong imagery, wordplay and a distinct Midlands vernacular to convey the world he writes about. The narrative is layered with charismatic wit, dark humour and wry observation. These poems are grounded in a harsh reality that tears through the curtain of manners to reveal the wildlife lurking behind.

You can buy the 'Our Man' collection of poems here.

Content Warning: The 'Our Man'  collection deals with heavy and graphic depictions of abuse, drug use and violence.



'These poems are a beautiful blend of insight and awareness, skilful writing, and the darkness of detail. Jamie gives voice the stories that are often ignored, in a way that dares you to ignore them again, and in a way that compels you not to.'
- Casey Bailey


We Are Derby Live 2019 | Jamie Thrasivoulou

Official Derby County Poet Jamie Thrasivoulou recites his poem live at the East Midlands derby between Derby County & Nottingham Forest on 17th December 2018.

Jamie is the official Derby County Football Club poet; his poem ‘We Are Derby’ is played on the big screen before every home game at Pride Park stadium. In 2018 he became the first poet to perform at the East Midlands derby between DCFC and Nottingham Forest, where he spat verse to over 31,000 people. He has since performed to over 33,000 against both Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion. ‘We Are Derby’ was played at Wembley stadium during the 2019 EFL Playoff Final.


National Poetry Day | BBC Local Poetry 2019 | Jamie Thrasivoulou

Jamie Thrasivoulou performs 'NOWT BUT PRIDE' created in collaboration with BBC Radio Derby. Jamie was one of thirteen #BBCLocalPoets 2019 commissioned by National Poetry Day and BBC Local Radio to write a new poem on the theme of Truth #HomeTruths.


Unislam 2019: Final: 3rd February 2019 | Jamie Thrasivoulou

Recorded Live @The Unislam 2019 final @The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham. Originally Written as part of the production 'Man Up' with RESTOKE (2018).


Poetry Pioneers: 35 Years Exhibition | Jamie Thrasivoulou

Jamie Thrasivoulou responds to the Apples and Snakes 35th anniversary exhibition and chats about his poetry life in Derby.


Live @Side Gallery, Newcastle, 12/01/2019 | Jamie Thrasivoulou


The Travelling Band Project | Jamie Thrasivoulou

The Travelling Band Project ran between March and April 2018. The concept was devised by artist Alex Blood and took songwriters on a creative tour of Derbyshire towns to create new music and perform on the same day. Follow Jamie's journey on the project and hear his insights into writing the songs on location.

Ashbourne Poem I Jamie Thrasivoulou


Belper Interview I Jamie Thrasivoulou


Belper Poem I Jamie Thrasivoulou


Welcome To Ilson Poem I Jamie Thrasivoulou